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Micro Switch SMN-00T-100


  • High ratings with small dimensions/very short travel
  • Low operating forces/Highly dependable force and travel values
  • Long life/large range of actuators for easy/adaptation to the most varied applications

Basic Specification Parameter

Electrical Characteristics

Rating 3A 125/250VAC
Contact Resistance ≤100m Ω
Insulation Resistance ≥100M Ω DC500V
Withstand voltage AC1500V 1Minute
Electrical Life 100000 Cycles above (Load)

Mechanical Characteristics

Operating force range 100±30gf
Mechanical Life 10000 Cycles (NO Load)
Operating temperature range -25 °C — + 80 °C
Ambient humidity used < 85%RH
Solder ability 230 °C ± 5 °C 3S
Withstand Soldering temperature 255 °C ± 5 °C 3S

Soldering Process

Hand soldering :
Use a soldering iron of 30 watts, Controlled at 380 °C approximately 3 seconds while solder applying.

Wave soldering:
When applying wave soldering, the peak temperature of the wave oven should be set to 260 °C max. Condition for soldering (wave & Non-washable Type) Temperature Profile

Items Conditions
Preheating temperature Ambient temperature of the soldered surface of PC board.100 °C max.
Preheating time 60s max.
Peak temperature 260°C max
Continuous dipping time 5 sec max
Number of soldering 2 time max