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Good feeling tact switch is here. Over 20 years of producing switches, G has been always in customer's shoes. It's always our mission to produce good quality tact switches with reasonable price. We know that a tact switch in application may be touched over million times, so we have devoted ourselves to R &D for many years. Now we are glad to show you our best quality tact switch below.

G specializes in tact switch to meet the highest level of customers' satisfaction. Evolution and technical advancements are key to this industry, and we look forward to helping you accomplish your individual dream. We possess the advanced production facilities to manufacture superior tact switch products available in assortment of switch cover, base, color, terminals and contact disc. We have a highly skilled team who is dedicated to developing new and innovative tact switch to keep pace with the ever-changing market. We are your best choice!

Tact Switch Series:

TACT Switch TS016-01PSTACT Switch TS016-01MGTACT Switch TS016C-01P

TS016-01PS Tact Switch

TS016-01MG Tact Switches

TS016C-01P Tact Switch

TACT Switch TS016C-01MGTACT Switch TS016C-01MVTACT Switch TS016F-01P

TS016C-01MG Tact Switches

TS016C-01MV Tact Switch

TS016F-01P Tact Switches

TACT Switch TS016F-01MTACT Switch TS016F-01MGTACT Switch TS016L-01M1

TS016F-01M Tact Switch

TS016F-01MG Tact Switches

TS016L-01M1 Tact Switch

TACT Switch TS016L-01M1GTACT Switch TS016L-01MGTACT Switch TS016L-01M

TS016L-01M1G Tact Switches

TS016L-01MG Tact Switch

TS016L-01M Tact Switches

TACT Switch TS016L-01PTACT Switch TS022-01MSTACT Switch TS022-01DS

TS016L-01P Tact Switch

TS022-01MS Tact Switches

TS022-01DS Tact Switch

TACT Switch TS022-01MGTACT Switch TS022-01DGTACT Switch TS022-01MBS

TS022-01MG Tact Switches

TS022-01DG Tact Switch

TS022-01MBS Tact Switches

TACT Switch PT042-02MTACT Switch PT042-02MBTACT Switch PT043-01M-160/250-T

PT042-02M Tact Switch

PT042-02MB Tact Switches

PT043-01M-160/250-T Tact Switch

TACT Switch PT043-01MB-160/250-TTACT Switch PT043-01M1-160/250-TTACT Switch PT043-01MG-160/250-T

PT043-01MB-160/250-T Tact Switches

PT043-01M1-160/250-T Tact Switch

PT043-01MG-160/250-T Tact Switches

TACT Switch PT043-01MGB-160/250-TTACT Switch PT043-01M1G-160/250-TTACT Switch PT043-01M1GB-160/250-T

PT043-01MGB-160/250-T Tact Switch

PT043-01M1G-160/250-T Tact Switches

PT043-01M1GB-160/250-T Tact Switch

TACT Switch PT043-03MVL-160/200-TTACT Switch PT043-03MVBL-160/200-TTACT Switch PT043-05M1-160/250-T

PT043-03MVL-160/200-T Tact Switches

PT043-03MVBL-160/200-T Tact Switch

PT043-05M1-160/250-T Tact Switches

TACT Switch PT043-05M1B-160/250-TTACT Switch PT043-03MGY7-180-TTACT Switch TS018-01MB

PT043-05M1B-160/250-T Tact Switch

PT043-03MGY7-180-T Tact Switches

TS018-01MB Tact Switch

TACT Switch TS018-02MBTACT Switch TS051-00M-130-TTACT Switch TS052-00M

TS018-02MB Tact Switches

TS051-00M-130-T Tact Switch

TS052-00M Tact Switches

TACT Switch TS052-00MLTACT Switch TS052-01MTACT Switch TS052-01ML

TS052-00ML Tact Switch

TS052-01M Tact Switches

TS052-01ML Tact Switch

TACT Switch TS052-01DLTACT Switch EN047D-01M-320TACT Switch DS027-02TJ-70

TS052-01DL Tact Switches

EN047D-01M-320 Tact Switch

DS027-02TJ-70 Tact Switches

TACT Switch DS027-03TJ-70TACT Switch DS027-04TJ-70TACT Switch DS027-05TJ-70

DS027-03TJ-70 Tact Switch

DS027-04TJ-70 Tact Switches

DS027-05TJ-70 Tact Switch

TACT Switch DS027-06TJ-70TACT Switch DS-00TTACT Switch DS-03T

DS027-06TJ-70 Tact Switches

DS-00T Tact Switch

DS-03T TACT Switches

TACT Switch DS-05TTACT Switch DS-03MTACT Switch TS015-01D

DS-05T TACT Switch

DS-03M TACT Switches

TS015-01D TACT Switch

TACT Switch TS015-01MTACT Switch TS015-01MPVTACT Switch TS015-01MV

TS015-01M TACT Switches

TS015-01MPV TACT Switch

TS015-01MV TACT Switches

TACT Switch TS015-01MVBTACT Switch TS015-01PTACT Switch TS015L-01M1

TS015-01MVB TACT Switch

TS015-01P TACT Switches

TS015L-01M1 TACT Switch

TACT Switch TS015L-01M2TACT Switch TS015L-01MTACT Switch TS015L-01P

TS015L-01M2 TACT Switches

TS015L-01M TACT Switch

TS015L-01P TACT Switches

TACT Switch TS015C-01MVB-160TACT Switch TS015D-XXPV-160TACT Switch TS015C-01MV-160

TS015C-01MVB-160 TACT Switch

TS015D-XXPV-160 TACT Switches

TS015C-01MV-160 TACT Switch

TACT Switch TS045-01M2STACT Switch TS045-01PSTACT Switch TS045-01PG

TS045-01M2S TACT Switches

TS045-01PS TACT Switch

TS045-01PG TACT Switches

TACT Switch TS045-01PVTACT Switch TS SeriesTACT Switch TSL-02MS

TS045-01PV TACT Switch

TS TACT Switches

TSL-02MS TACT Switch

TACT Switch TSL-02PVTACT Switch TSL-02PGTACT Switch TSL-02PS

TSL-02PV TACT Switches

TSL-02PG TACT Switch

TSL-02PS TACT Switches

TACT Switch TSL-02MVTACT Switch TS016D-01MTACT Switch TS052T-00M

TSL-02MV TACT Switch

TS016D-01M TACT Switches

TS052T-00M TACT Switch

TACT Switch TS052T-01/02TACT Switch TS052T-03MTACT Switch S052T-00MV

TS052T-01/02 TACT Switches

TS052T-03M TACT Switch

S052T-00MV TACT Switches

TACT Switch TS052T-01/02MVTACT Switch TS052T-03MVTACT Switch TSE1-01P

TS052T-01/02MV TACT Switch

TS052T-03MV TACT Switches

TSE1-01P TACT Switch

TACT Switch TSE1-02PTACT Switch TSE2-01PATACT Switch TSE2-01PB

TSE1-02P TACT Switches

TSE2-01PA TACT Switch

TSE2-01PB TACT Switches

TACT Switch TSE2-01MATACT Switch TSE2-01MBTACT Switch TSE3-01P

TSE2-01MA TACT Switch

TSE2-01MB TACT Switches

TSE3-01P TACT Switch

TACT Switch TSE3C-01PTACT Switch TSC-01/02MTACT Switch TSC-03M

TSE3C-01P TACT Switches

TSC-01/02M TACT Switch

TSC-03M TACT Switches

TACT Switch TSC-01/02PTACT Switch TSC-03PAT22120-RS / AT22120 -LR

TSC-01/02P TACT Switch

TSC-03P TACT Switches

AT22120-RS / AT22120 -LR TACT Switch